Add class of .form-control with <input> tag
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Bootstrap Tags Input
Add class of .form-control with <input> tag

Just add data-role="tagsinput" to your input field to automatically change it to a tags input field.

True Multi Value

Use a <select multiple /> as your input element for a tags input, to gain true multi value support. Instead of a comma separated string, the values will be set in an array. Existing <option />elements will automatically be set as tags. This makes it also possible to create tags containing a comma.


Typeahead is not included in Bootstrap 3, so you'll have to include your own typeahead library. I'd recommed typeahead.js. An example of using this is shown below.

Categorizing Tags

You can set a fixed css class for your tags, or determine dynamically by providing a custom function.

Objects As Tags

Instead of just adding strings as tags, bind objects to your tags. This makes it possible to set id values in your input field's value, instead of just the tag's text.

bootstrap Maxlength
Add class of .form-control with <input> tag

The badge will show up by default when the remaining chars are 10 or less:


Do you want the badge to show up when there are 20 chars or less? Use the threshold option:


Just add color-classwith input

Play with Positions

All you need to do is specify the placement option, with one of those strings. If none is specified, the positioning will be defauted to 'top-right'.

Also Working with Textarea

Bootstrap maxlength supports textarea as well as inputs. Even on old IE.